January 17, 2012

How you doin'

So, I am getting ready for the iPhonegraphy week here. It was supposed to be this week, I decided to push it back due to all the stuff that is happening around here.

So, we have gotten little to none snow. It'll snow, then it'll get really warm. And, it's been like that since November! I just want my snow, damn it! It did snow, and I got a little shot of it.
It's a serious 'Take a picture, it last longer' moments around here! Ugh!!! And today, it's 40 degrees, and I just saw some lighting not to long ago! WTeffe! 

So, I got a Razer Naga for X-mas from my lovely BF. As you all know, I am a photo editor by day. So, I programmed it for Photoshop! 

1,4,5,10: are all actions I use, all the time. I keyboard shortcutted them to my F-keys.
2,3: to zoom in and out.
5,6: To make my brush bigger or smaller
8.9: To make my brush softer or harder
11,12: Are up to debate. I have them as O(short cut for burn, dodge and saturation tool) and J(patch and healing tools). But, I was debating on turning them into ctrl+z and ctrl+alt+z (undos)....Hmm. 
I kept googling something like this, and I found nothing, so here's my take.

And I also stopped drinking Pop! After I saw this story , puking a few times (no joke). I stopped. Not just my once believed Mt. Dew, but all pop, soda, whatever. So there is a lot of:

and making of

God, I love cold coffee.
I've been making tea too. Loose leaf kind. What is your favorite kind of tea? 

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Heather Williams said...

Is it hard to make tea?
I love chai tea!

Heatherwill (sb Follow me)