January 26, 2012

Epic Pancakes!!

So, I never liked bacon until Dave showed me Epic Meal Time. Something just clicked. I even want to try and make candy bacon!! I always had Turkey Bacon. Turkey Bacon is still good, but Bacon is still better. I like it with sweets, actually. So, I saw this idea on Pinterest ( which I am now addicted too... Thanks Mom!)

Bacon in PANCAKES!!

I used left over bacon that we had BLTs from the night before. I microwaved them so they are a little warm. About 1 minute or so. Then I put them on the griddle. I cheated and used pre-made pancake mix. I was feeling lazy.

I laid the bacon down, and poured the mix on top!!

The. I waited for it to bubble and what not then flipped em.

They are a wee bit harder to flip.

They are sooo good though! I used blueberry pancake mix. I think it would be good to use chocolate mix, or something sweet. I like the whole salty sweet thing! Or maybe my Awesomecakes!

Pancakes are just good!

So, I hope you enjoyed my idea. :). Happy breakfast!

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Nyu said...

Oh boy, bacon pancakes! :D I'm sure my boyfriend would just LOVE those, I might have to try it sometime. :)

~Nyu (Follow me!!-swap on swap-bot)

.s.e. said...

First off, I was sucked in for the pancakes and bacon .... mmmm and then was overwhelmed with the cuteness as the end!!

Thanks for sharing!

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Heather Williams said...

Good idea on the pancakes! Im going to surprise the hubby!

Ps the dogs are so cute! I have one that looks almost identical to the one of the left. Shes all black tho.

Heatherwill (SB Follow me)

Cookie Crumbles said...

I never quite understood how anyone could eat pancakes with bacon!! :/ But they do look yummy! I always had pancakes with Lemon juice and sugar when I was a kid but last night I tried them with golden syrup and whipped cream and OMG it was sensational!! :P
CookieCrumble (swap-bot)

Jessica said...

Oh man I LOVE bacon and pancakes. My kiddos are sure going to love you.