July 10, 2012

More Fairy Gardens! :o!

Hey Lovelies!

OMG! It got up too 110 degrees in my neck of the woods last week. Oui, I was melting! I am not a hot weather type of girl. I would totally have just winter and spring all year 'round. I went to Dave's cabin for the weekend, and there was no A/C. I died. A couple of times!!

Now that it is back to like, mid-80's, I can finally do stuff again! Mom and I started to plant fairy gardens again! Woop!

We had a few broken fairies, and things we where going to use. We didn't want to throw them way, that stuff adds up, you know? So Mom came up with the greatest idea, Zombie Fairy garden!!


And I finally got mine done! Fairy Postal System! :D I made it out of moss and a plastic container for flowers!

Our deck seems to be doing well!

 This actually grew from our bird feeder! 
Nibby even likes to hang out on our deck! 

So, yeah, that's what I have been up too lately! What about you! What have you been up too??

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JoAnna said...

wow 110?! That's even too hot for me!
Love the zombie fairy garden! lol