July 31, 2012

Weekly Tea 7/24-7/31

Howdy guys!

This week in tea we have:

Birthday tea, even though it was no ones B-day. Dave said it was 'Good tea, but no great tea' -snarl- All the tea I make is GREAT TEA! lol!  

I am in love with this tea. I love the TeaHaus. This tea, I'm sure, it was heaven smells like. Ugh! My Mom bought it for me as a treat. :). No idea what I am going to do when it's gone!
Lazy ass day. Added some frozen peaches.  Good stuff :)
Awesome stuff. I added some organic oolong as some filler, because I was making some for my cousin Kiwi and I. We also went shooting, and I wanted something light to come home too. Also, on the left corner we have Poe. She is possibly the smallest kitten I have ever seen, and also the friendliest. Kiwi found her on the 4th, meowing her lungs off. Kiwi picked her up, and the rest is history. She is an awesome cat. :).
Mom  found me this book. I am currently reading it. It's pretty rad.
We also made Hibiscus tea, with some herbal stuff for flavor. Hibiscus is good for your tummy, so Mom drinks a lot of it, and it helps her. :). We made it into ice tea. It's perfect for hot, tummy ache days; which are very very common in our house. (We all have tummy issues!!)

 Tuesday (Today!)
Oh God! This tea!! It tastes like...Raspberry pie. I added some Agave, and and some Bach's Rescue Remedy. Not a single fuck is given! lol. Did you know you can use Rescue Remedy on your pets? My Febe always freaks out at loud noises, and this is perfect. I seriously might make myself another cup!!

That's all. I also got a post for you tomorrow! :D
Drink on, Lovelies! 

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