July 24, 2012

Tea's of the week!

I think I am going to do try and do this every week.

Follow me on Instagram here. I am posting the tea I drink, almost ever day.

I drink a lot of tea.

I would love for people to ask me, or send me tea to try!

I would also like to shout out the Tea app on the app store: here! It's seriously the best app ever to keep track of your tea!! I use it all the time! 2.0 is coming out soon, and I cannot wait!! My life is on my phone!

OK: So this week in tea:

Basil's brew from Emilie Autumn! Nice light taste. A little expensive for my taste, but it's all organic, and Emilie formulated it her self. Plus, you can buy it at one of her concerts. Who can you do that with?

Feeling lazy. Sweet Leaf is all organic black tea. It also comes in sweet, but I like the lemon best. Best when drank out of Mason Jars, so check out Cuppow.

Party hardy? I know this really isn't a tea, but it's what I was sipin' on!

Monday: I didn't feel like tea. It happens.

  Coconut Oolong with Coconut Sugar from the Spice and Tea Exchange. Pretty good tea. Nice taste. I love coconut (because I'm nuts!). I seriously wanted those almond cookies you get from Chinese buffets. They would have taste good. I also got this Mug for my 19th B-day by my little bro (He saved up his money! It was sooo cute!). It's a chalkboard! So I drew a palm tree :).

So, that's this week in tea!

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