July 19, 2012


Yeah, that's me. My friend Colonel is up from Georgia. You should check it YouTube Channel out! He is going to be famous one day, I tell you! We came up with the idea after I was drinking tea, and was like 'I'm the Julia Child's of Tea!'. Yeah, there is some vulgar language in the vid, we wanted that way. And Yes, this is based on a true story. I want my Cold Brew Tea Twinings! And I do kinda get angry about it. lmao. Just not this angry. It was a lot of fun to do, and we did it all in one day! :)

Speaking of tea: Check this out:
That's like a huge difference. I am working on a post for you guys :) I am doing an intro to loose leaf, and the difference. I'll have you drinking loose leaf in no time! Just thought I'd give you a preview!

I hope you are having fun, Lovelies! With Colonel here, I sure am. This is the most I've gone out of the house in a long time! lol. :).

See you tomorrow!

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