August 20, 2012

I interrupt this ONNM for a Recap on my Weekend!

So, OMG.. I had a great weekend. I went to Ohio. We went left Friday night. We went to Cedar Point on Saturday. And we went to the Toledo Zoo on Sunday then came home.  I had a blast. I think I got sun stroke and got blisters on my feet on Saturday though. That's what I get for being indoors 24/7. That was pretty ew. And Dad made me get a wheel chair for Sunday. That was fun. I crashed into a Baby. The baby didn't even wake up, so no therapy there. I'm a winner. Lol.

We got lost, on Saturday, driving back to the Hotel. We got into the ghetto. Which, for those of you who don't know, My Dad grew up in the heart of Detroit. He was a spec of salt, in a whole lot of pepper type thing. So, we started with Ghetto Jokes. He told me he once saw a Check cashing place, laundry mat, and a party/liqueur store, all on one. lol. I had to share. Also: Alan's tip of the day: If there is a bank, you are safe, if there is bars, run real far.

So, I give you the big pic dump of my vacation:

So. Yeah.
I am not sure if I like the water mark thing or not. I just wanted to try.
I hope you have fun looking at my pics.
I promise a Om Nom next Monday :).
How was your weekend?


RaNaeLuvsEwes said...

Hey there Britty loved the pics specially the one in front of the butterflies I love butterflies even have a butterfly tattoo. What program did you use to watermark your pics?

Amanda C. said...

I've never heard of Cedar Point. It looks like fun though. Is that your sphynx?

Mary Has Sound said...

Ooh, love the dinosaurs! I especially love the don't get bitten sign. :-) Glad you had a good time.

JoAnna said...

Love the butterfly picture of you. Looks like you had a great time :)

Alyssa said...

Wow! Looks like you had lots of fun! Visiting from the blog hop! Have a great week!

Nerd Burger said...

That power rangers shirt is mega awesome.

'Melia said...

Looks like a blast!!!!! So jealous!! I'm glad you are feeling better though, sun sickness is no bueno. Love you girl!