August 7, 2012

Weekly Tea 9/1-9/7

This week in tea, guys. :)

 Six Summit's Oolong! Yummy!

Look how much the leaves puff out!!

I got this in the mail, so I decided to try it out all week.  :)
Vanilla Almond Spice was so good with the vanilla agave!
Also the sugar was awesome on crispx

I didn't do tea on Thursday or Friday, so I give you a Febe.

Apparently this tea is discontinued. I am just using what we have in stash.
Mom got me this tea put while she was out! It says 'Keep Calm and Drink Tea' Totally true. If tea can't fix it, you're screwed ;D.
I got Tropical Green. It was good. :) I got a tea bag because if you look, it's good grade tea!

Not a huge fan. I have it to Mom. To....Floral for me.

Well, my wisdom teeth are killing me.
Anyone have anything to soothe the pain until I see the dentist?

Drink on, Lovelies! 


Paige P said...

You've got me craving some tea now!

Britty Luna said...

Hehe! That's the idea Paige! :)