August 21, 2012

Weekly Tea!

Hey Guys!
Weekly tea! :D

Last Week:

Wednesday: (7-14)
Frutto Blanco Pearls mixed with Precious White Peach. Also, a little nick nack my Mom got me :). It was a good tea. I put a little agave in it.
Twinings Earl Grey. I bought it for the BF. And it still was just 'ok.' tea. So, I took it back. Lol.  D:. It's good tea for bagged stuff! I think. 

This week.

Earl Grey Late from Starbucjs. Also got a Jimmy John's Vito for a dolla! (Dolla's make me Holla~! (Sweet Jesus, Honey Boo Boo)). It was good. I love Starbucks's tea. Tazo <3 br="br" nbsp="nbsp">
I got something quick at Meijers before we went off to Ohio. :). It's ok. I'ts got High Fructose Corn Syrup. So, Snapple really isn't 'made from the best stuff on Earth'. Just Sayin'. 

Coming home.  This stuff is seriously the best. I love love love Peace tea. Peace tea and Sweet Leaf. Screw the rest of the pre-made crap.
Mint-Chilla Chai-Nilla from The Spice and Tea Exchange. :). Good stuff. I love The Spice and Tea Exchange stuff. I just wish one was closer! I should have *should have* made this a late. But, it was good with just some cinnamon agave. 

 Mom and I made some Lemon Ginger with Cold Brew tea. I put some honey in it. And it's really good. It's settling my tummy too, with a caffeine bonus. 

What have you been brewing lately?

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Sherry Williams said...

I loveeee tea! Grew up drinking Earl Grey Tea!

come by and joining my Followers to Friends blog hop.

Anonymous said...

This looks awesome! I hope you can share it on my blog today!
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