August 22, 2012

Sharpie Tea Pot and Cup! :D

So, I found this on Pinterest. 

So, I gave it a try.  I also used color sharpies, to see that it'll do. And it stayed. :) I also put mine on a baking tray. You don't wanna touch anything until it 100% dry. It'll smudge. It's also hand wash only! 

So that is what I did today. :). How was your day?


'Melia said...

Love it!!! I may have to give it a try. Maybe I can do a program of it here at RF? Hmm, I'll talk to Sara :)

RaNaeLuvsEwes said...

Britty that is cute wow I bet you can do this on many different types of stuff. Hey I really like the Tea Pot where did you get it? Do you us it on the stove??

wEI said...

Wow fantastic idea! Where can i buy this pen? I'm spanish so...there're a web of this pen?

Rachael said...

Love this idea! Going to keep this in mind for Christmas gifts.Following. Rx